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Quilters Corner Book Club
Book Savings Program

It's easy to sign up and free to join.
Start a book club card that is kept at the shop.
Each time you purchase a book, we record the dollar amount on your book card.
All full price, special order, discounted and sale books are included.
When you buy six books, 10% of the total you spent will be applied to the purchase of your next book.

For example:  You bought a sale book for $10, three for $24, another for $30 and one for $18.  The total for all six books is $130.  You will receive a $13 discount on the purchase of your seventh book! Then start a new card to collect more savings!

Books & Patterns

Hortense the Mouse's Blizzard Outfit Pattern

Hortense the Mouse's Butterflies Outfit Pattern

Hortense the Mouse's Gardening Outfit Pattern

Hortense the Mouse's Rainy Days Outfit Pattern

Hortense the Mouse's Summer Outfit Pattern

Hortense the Mouse's Two Casual Outfits Pattern

Hubble Pattern

Ithaca Splendor Pattern

Itty Bitty Primitive Pinwheels Pattern & Tool

Jack & Jill Lunch Bag Pattern

Jazzy Jewels Quilt Pattern

Jelly Jive Pattern